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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charges

Due to extremely low demand, 2D and DiGE gel running and staining services have been discontinued from 31-Dec-2013. DiGE scanning service has also been discontinued starting from 1-Nov-2016.

Typhoon scanning and regular gel scanning services will continue be offered as self-service starting from 15-Jun-2013.

Effective 1-Jul-2016
  Service HKU Academic Research
(per sample)
Other Academic Research*
(per sample)
Gel Scanning
  Fluorescence gel scan by Typhoon
  (Self Service) at 532 nm or 633 nm#**
HK$ 60
(per 15 min)
HK$ 95
(per 15 min)

*For academic institutes or commercial clients outside of Hong Kong, an extra HK$300 (per payment transaction) handling fee is required if the payment is made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer.

**Typhoon can be used to scan microarray slides as well.  Please contact platform specialists for array format and fluorescence restrictions.

Commercial clients welcome, please enquire.

# 1. A brief tutorial on instrument operation will be provided to new users.
   2. Users are to operate typhoon scanner on their own.
   3. Please book scanning time with us one day in advance.
   4. Please come on time for your scan.

*IMPORTANT:* To qualify for HKU pricing, the investigator must be a regular employee of HKU AND payment must be made from an internal HKU financial account that qualifies for internal transfer; otherwise non-HKU price will be charged to cover the 15% finance charges levied by the HKU Finance Office for incoming external funding.


Please fill-in the 2D Scanning Service Request Form and contact our proteomics specialists for the arrangement. Please refer to the service guidelines for sample preparation and submission details.