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CGS Output


CORE Service Output   Knowledge Transfer
(Up to 31 March 2015)
Affymetrix Microarray 3,323 Expression Chips
4,314 Genotyping Chips
DNA Sequencing 551,550 samples
Genotyping Sequenom 13,318,905 genotypes (Hap-Map Project)
Genotyping Sequenom 13,568,458 genotypes
2-D Protein Gel Services 5,313 samples
Mass Spectrometry 26,356 samples
Direct Support of Publications of HKU Researchers (2004-2008) >70
Scientific and Industrial Seminar hosted by the CGS 211
International Scientific Symposium or Courses hosted by the CGS 9
Peer-Reviewed Publications
from CGS Staff
Issued Patents 2
Patents under Applications 14