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Service Charges and Ordering


The CGS Affymetrix Platform is a full service provider for Affymetrix GeneChips
We are able to process ALL major GeneChip types.  For those not listed below, please enquire.

Price structure for HKU academic research:

Other academic research and commercial clients welcome. Please enquire.

*IMPORTANT:* To qualify for HKU pricing, the investigator must be a regular employee of HKU AND payment must be made from an internal HKU financial account that qualifies for internal transfer; otherwise non-HKU price will be charged to cover the 15% finance charges levied by the HKU Finance Office for incoming external funding.

Effective 1-Sep-2017. (based on GeneChip order date #)
# Samples should be submitted within 6 months upon GeneChip order due to expiry of reagents.
Any unused GeneChips will be invoiced in the 7th month.
New reagents may be re-ordered for late submission yet PI needs to be responsible for the additional cost incurred.

Expression Array
(multiple of 2)
HKU Academic Research
Per Chip Price
(for 1 sample)
Other Academic Research
Per Chip Price
(for 1 sample)
 Gene 2.0 ST Array (Human, Mouse, Rat)
HK$ 4,700 HK$ 5,700
 Transcriptome Array (Human, Mouse, Rat) HK$ 5,500 HK$ 6,500

miRNA Array No. of Chips HKU Academic Research
Per Chip Price
(for 1 sample)
Other Academic Research
Per Chip Price
(for 1 sample)
 GeneChip miRNA 4.0 Array
 (all 203 organisms)
multiple of 8 HK$ 3,700 HK$ 4,500
non-multiple of 8 * HK$ 4,600 HK$ 5,600

* Due to package size restriction of reagents and GeneChips, the minimum order is 4 GeneChips. Other order size is available in multiple of 2.

- For academic institutes or commercial clients outside of Hong Kong, an extra HK$300 (per payment transaction) handling fee is required if the payment is made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer.
- Other types of Affymetrix GeneChips are available. Please contact us for quotation.

All prices listed above include:
  • Pre-service advice and discussion
  • GeneChips and all reagent costs
  • Sample labeling, hybridization and scanning
  • Online data delivery
  • GeneChip data files introduction with Affymetrix software
  • Tutorials for additional microarray data analysis software available at CGS

The prices listed above do NOT include:

  • Quality check of total RNA by Bioanalyzer at CGS, which is compulsory for GeneChip data quality assurance. Should this be waived upon user's request, CGS will not be responsible for the downstream GeneChip data quality. For details about Bioanalyzer service, please visit our Bioanalyzer service page.