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Decommissioning of Genome Anaylzer IIx (GAIIx)


Due to the high per base reagent cost of the Illumina GAIIx system, it is no longer cost effective to maintain and offer service with this instrument. Thus the CGS is going to decommission our GAIIx system on March 15, 2013. If you do have any special need to continue using this system, please contact us immediately.

Meanwhile, we will continue to offer Solexa sequencing service at low cost by having in-house library construction and outsource HiSeq sequencing at overseas academic centre and/or commercial vendors. We have run this model for months with satisfactory outcome, and we are actively monitoring demand in consideration of equipment purchase.

Please feel free to send us feedback and comment regarding your need of next generation sequencing. We will try our best to facilitate your research via providing core services or collaborative development, as well as bioinformatics support. Thank you for working with us.