Change of Reagent and Protocol for Affymetrix WT Expression Array

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 11:52

Affymetrix has launched new reagent product WT PLUS Reagent Kit (Cat# 902280) for Whole-Transcript (WT) Expression Array.
CGS will apply this new reagent kit and protocol for all NEW experiments.

But we may arrange to use current reagent kit for follow-up experiments until 31-Dec-2014.
Please arrange the completion of follow-up experiments as soon as possible.

Array Type Current Reagent Kits

Only for follow-up experiments upon request, available until 31-Dec-2014
New Reagent Kit

For all new experiments
Whole-Transcript Expression Array
(e.g. Exon 1.0 ST array,
Gene 2.0 ST array)
Ambion WT Expression Kit
(Cat# 4411973)
WT Terminal Labeling and Controls Kit
(Cat# 901525)
WT PLUS Reagent Kit
(Cat# 902280)

For any question, please contact platform specialists.