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Technology Overview


Due to low usage and increase in operating cost, it is no longer cost effective to offer Bioplex core services.
Service contract has been discontinued from Sep-2015.

If you wish to continue using the instrument, it is available for free loan to HKU Principal Investigator.
Please click here for loan details.

Bio-Plex Suspension Array System is based on the Luminex’s xMAP technology.  It permits the simultaneous analysis of up to 100 different biomolecules (proteins, peptides or nucleic acids) in a single well.

Currently, the CPOS uses the Bio-Plex 200 system with Bio-Plex Manager 5.0 Software to provide core services.

The technology can be applied to protein expression profiling such as quantitative measurement of cytokines.

Advantage of Luminex’s xMAP technology in comparison to ELISA

Number of kit / plate / run 25 1
Serum volume required 625uL 1 25uL
Handling time 100 hours 2 8 hours
Cost of the reagents HK$ 50,000 - HK$ 100,000 3 HK$ 33,700
25uL for each run
The average handling time for one ELISA kit is 4 hours
The cost for one ELISA kit is HK$ 2,000 - HK$ 4,000

For detail information about xMAP technology, please visit the Luminex website or review CPOS past seminars

Different suppliers provide different packages for cytokines screening.

Below are the major xMAP technology compatible reagent kit suppliers, whose kits have been tested at the CPOS: