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Our centre provides bioinformatics support for a wide variety of genomics and transcriptomics data analysis with current focus mainly on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Stationed in-house we have dedicated analysts to provide core services on both standardized and customized data analysis.  We have broad experience in different types of NGS projects such as RNA-Seq, exome sequencing, de novo genome and transcriptome assembly, metagenomics and etc.  We are happy to share our experience and offer advice to any colleagues.

For in-house data analysis, we apply popular tools such as BWA, Bowtie, Samtools, Picard, GATK, Tophat, Cufflinks, RSEM, EBSeq, Velvet, Oases, Trinity, MEGAN and etc.  To facilitate those researchers who like to get more involved in data analysis on their own, we have analysis workstations setup with user-friendly commercial software such as Partek Genomics Suite and GeneSpring for downstream data filtering, visualization, geneset and pathway analysis.

Other than bioinformatics help with NGS, we also offer assistance in gene expression, genotyping, copy number and various custom analysis.

Colleagues are also welcome to contact the Core for informal advice or to discuss possible collaborations.