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Proteins are the ultimate mediators of all cellular processes and represent the vast majority of therapeutic drug targets. Proteome is defined as the time- and cell-specific protein complement of the genome. Proteomics research is to study all aspects of proteins, including their relative abundance, distribution, posttranslational modifications, structures, functions, and interactions with other macromolecules etc, in a given cell or organism within a given environment and at a specific stage in the cell cycle.

The goal for establishing the proteomics facility in CPOS is to provide scientific community the essential tools as well as the advanced instrumentations for proteomics research, to promote national and international collaborations, to facilitate research discoveries and technology developments and to provide training platforms for young scientists. Our facility combines in-depth expertise with state-of-the-art equipment for providing various proteomic services on identification, characterization and quantification of proteins expressed in cells, tissues and bio-fluids under different conditions and from different organisms. We are also providing the systems biological analysis of proteins, especially their expression patterns, interactions and modifications for defining key cellular processes. In addition to the academic research services, the Facility can undertake contract services and collaborative developments for commercial users.