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Single Cell RNA service (10X Genomics) at CGS


We are pleased to launch a new platform service single cell RNA sequencing (NGS) at Centre for Genomic Sciences using Chromium Single Cell Controller.

This instrument encapsulates single cells from a cell suspension into vesicles containing gel beads known as Gel Beads in Emulsions (GEM). Transcripts will be released from cells and bind to the beads, followed by reverse transcription and library preparation to generate a pool of cDNA libraries.

Libraries generated are compatible with Illumina sequencers. Transcripts will be identified by their 3’ sequences, while all cDNA generated from the same cell will share a common barcode.


  • Single-cell gene expression profiling of hundreds to thousands of single cells: starting with cell suspension all the way to next-generation sequencing. The service is available now!
  • Single-cell immune profiling (e.g. V(D)J transcript). The service is coming soon.


  • Encapsulate and sequence transcripts of 500 – 10,000 individual cells per sample
  • Prepare up to 8 samples per run (4 samples per run for optimal results).
  • Per sample price is around HK$ 15,000 to HK$ 20,000, depending on sample number and other factors. The price covers cell encapsulation to library preparation, while the sequencing cost is NOT included.
  • Free software packages available for data analysis and visualization.

For more service details, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and visit our website at http://cgs.hku.hk/portal/index.php/single-cell-10x-genomics.