Data Analysis Workstations

The CGS has 3 PC user workstations for genomics and proteomics analysis of data generated at the CGS in Room 6-01.

Users of CGS technology platforms can make reservations for these workstations at the CGS reception (Room 6-02) during office hours or via our Online Resource Booking System (ORBS).

Software introductory sessions are available. Please contact our platform specialists accordingly.

Analysis software available at CGS:

Software Area of usage User PC #2 Workstation * User PC #5 Workstation ^ User PC #7 Workstation
Genomics Data Analysis
Genome Studio iScan    available  
GeneMapper 3.7 Genescan available    
PyroQ-CpG 1.0.9 Pyrosequencing-methylation   available  
PyroMark Assay Design 2.0 Pyrosequencing–assay design   available  
RQ Manager 1.2 Real-time PCR    available  
SDS 2.4 Real-time PCR    available  
LightCycler 480 SW 1.5.1 LC480 Real-time PCR   available  
SeqScape 2.5.0 DNA sequencing   available  
Sequence Scanner DNA sequencing    available  
Peak Scanner 2 DNA sequencing   available  
Agilent 2100 Expert Bioanalyzer   available  
Microarray Data Analysis
Partek Genomics Suite 6.6 with Partek Pathway Microarray     available
Expression Console 1.4.1 Affymetrix Expression array   available  
Genotyping Console 4.2 Affymetrix Genotyping array   available  
Chromosome Analysis Suite 3.1 Cytogenetics array   available  
Transcriptome Analysis Console
(TAC) 3.0 Software
Affymetrix Expression array   available  
Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis
CLCBio Genomics Workbench 7.0 Illumina and Roche 454 datasets     available
Partek Genomics Suite 6.6 with Partek Pathway Illumina and Roche 454 datasets     available

* This user PC is operating in Microsoft Windows XP platform with NO internet connection

^ PC #3 is obsoleted and software have been migrated to PC #5