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Data Collection


DNA Sequencing results are sent to clients as zipped file through Online Data Delivery System (ODDS), notification will be sent to the email provided on the service request form upon data delivery.

The zipped files are labeled with the client's name and submission date.

Our current turn-around time is 1-3 working days after sample submission.

Delay maybe due to unforeseeable circumstances and busy sequencing schedule.

We recommend Sequencing Analysis Software for viewing the electropherograms, and SeqScape Software to perform sequence comparisons on variant identification, SNP discovery, and SNP validation.

Both software are available on our user data analysis workstations (User PC#2) in Room 6-01 at the Centre for PanorOmic Sciences (CPOS).

Clients may make advanced bookings for the workstations via our online resource booking system (ORBS) or at our reception counter (6-02).

Alternatively, Sequence Scanner Software can be freely downloaded from ABI website.  It is also a great tool for reviewing sequencing data.

DNA sequence chromatogram
DNA Sequencing Analysis using the Sequencing Analysis Software from ABI