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Jul-Aug-2019 Bioinformatics Experience Program CGS, HKU  
16-17-Apr-2019 Precision Medicine and Mental Health: US-Greater China Region Forum 2019 Professor Pak Sham & Professor Jubao Duan  
13-Mar-2019 Polygenic risk scores for common complex disorder: from research studies to clinical implementation in psychiatry Professor Cathryn Lewis  
11,13-Dec-2018 Genetic Variation and Genome Architecture in Development, Health and Disease The Croucher Foundation – Advanced Study Institute  
3-Dec-2018 3D Genome and Gene Editing Workshop Dr Yijun Ruan, Dr Albert Cheng, Dr Derya Unutmaz, Ms Junfen Zhu and Ms Liuyang Cai  
29-Oct-2018 Integrating epigenetic factors into studies of complex neuropsychiatric disease Dr Chloe Wong  
16-Aug-2018 Demystifying the editorial process – Behind the curtain of Nature family journals Dr Michelle Trenkmann  
22-Jun-2018 Croucher Foundation - Advanced Study Institute: Genetic variation and genome architecture in development, health and disease Centre for Genomic Sciences  
24-25-May-2018 Croucher Foundation - Advanced Study Institute: Genetic variation and genome achitecture in development, health and disease Centre for Genomic Sciences  
3-May-2018 Using Exome Aggregation (ExAC) Dataset for the Interpretation of Rare Variants in Mendelian Diseases Prof Monkol LEK  
28-Mar-2018 An Atlas of Genetic Associations in UK Biobank Prof Albert Tenesa  
9-Mar-2018 Genomic Approaches to Understanding Brain Disorders Prof Margit Burmeister  
25-Jan-2018 The Golden Age of Genomics (but all that glitters is not gold) Dr Tiong Yang TAN  
16-Nov-2017 Leveraging Consumer Genetics Tests Towards Precision Medicine Dr Lasse Folkersen  
6-17-Nov-2017 Hands-on Course on NGS Data Analysis HKU-Pasteur Research Pole, the Center of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Integrative Biology (C3BI) at the Institut Pasteur in Paris
 Centre for Genomic Sciences at HKU
23-Aug-2017 Predicting Regulatory Variants For Precision Medicine Dr Junwen John Wang  
31-Jul-2017 Using Genetic Structural Equation Modelling to Estimate Maternal, Causal and Parent of Origin Effects in Related Individuals with GWAS Prof David M Evans  
6-7-Jun-2017 Genetic Variation, Genome Architecture and the Transcriptome in Development and Disease Strategic Research Theme of Development & Reproduction
Strategic Research Theme of Genomics
Centre for Genomic Sciences
School of Biomedical Sciences
25-May-2017 Moving Beyond Genome-wide Association Studies through the Modelling of More Complex Mechanisms Prof Heather J Cordell
27-Mar-2017 Identifying Causal Genes Driving Autoimmune Disease Risk Dr Chris Cotsapas Pdf file Presentation Slides
9-Feb-2017 Piloting Paediatric Genomic Medicine:The SickKids Genome Clinic &
Secondary Predictive Variants - A Bug or a Feature of Genome-Wide Analyses?
Prof Stephen Meyn  
24-Jan-2017 Uncovering Mutational and DNA Repair Processes in the Search for Cis-regulatory Mutations in Cancer Genomes Dr Jason Wong Pdf file Presentation Slides
16-Nov-2016 Symposium: Genomics and Innovation in Pathology – the 21st Century is now
Perspectives from UCLA
Centre for Genomic Sciences
Strategic Research Theme of Genomics
Pdf file Programme and Speakers Information
Pdf file Symposium Abstracts
Pdf file Symposium Poster
24-Oct-2016 The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Project and the Interaction of TP53 and NF-κB Family Members in Head and Neck Cancer Dr Zhong Chen  
21-23-Jun-2016 Advanced Study Workshop - The Regulome: Genome Architecture and Single-Cell Transcriptomics
  • Strategic Research Theme of Development & Reproduction
  • Strategic Research Theme of Genomics
  • Centre for Reproduction, Development & Growth
  • Centre for Genomic Sciences
  • Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre
  • School of Biomedical Sciences
1-Jun-2016 The Race to 1 Million Genomes: Adventures in Large Scale Precision Medicine Dr Barry Merriman  
11-Apr-2016 Identification of putative novel gene for midline craniosynostosis
Insights into Clinical Genomics at the KCCG – from clinic to laboratory and back again
Dr Michael Buckley
Dr Tony Roscioli
 Web link About Dr Michael Buckley
 Web link About Dr Tony Roscioli
8-Apr-2016 Polygenic Risk Scores: Hype or Hope? Dr Paul O’Reilly  Web link About Dr Paul O’Reilly
22-Feb-2016 CGS Workshop - Linux for Biologists CGS  
18-Feb-2016 Powerful Multivariate Genome-Wide Association Analysis in the Omics Era Dr Xia Shen  
28-Jan-2016 Single Cell Sequencing from Technology to Biology and Medicine Dr Xinghua Pan  
27-Jan-2016 Identifying Regulatory Logics and Kinetic Parameters Which Determines the Dynamic Profile of Gene Expression Dr Zhu Hailong  
27-Jan-2016 Transcription Factor And miRNA Regulation In Microvesicle Inducing Normal Cell To Cancer Cell Dr An-Yuan Guo  
14-Dec-2015 What Is Proteomics And How This Technique Help Us To Understand Brain Function/Disorders Prof Li Ka Wan  
3-Dec-2015 Characterization of Fusion Genes by Hybrid-Seq Dr Kin Fai Au  
24-Nov-2015 Genetics of Autistic Spectrum Disorders Insights from CNV and WGS/WES studies Dr Christian Marshall  
23-Nov-2015 Is Pharmacogenetic Testing Ready for the Psychiatry Clinic? Dr James L Kennedy  Web link About Dr James L Kennedy
11-Nov-2015 Big-data Integration and Analysis for Microbial Community Researches Dr Kang Ning  
29-Jul-2015 Antibiotic Resistance and the Emergence of Immune-compromised Enterococci Prof Michael Q Zhang  Web link About Prof Michael Q Zhang
 Web link Michael Q. Zhang Homepage in Tsinghua
23-Jul-2015 A General Scalable Framework for Integrative Analysis of Genomic Datasets Dr Yingying Wei  
17-Jul-2015 IPAC: A Flexible Statistical Approach to Integrating Pleitoropy and Annotation for Characterizing Functional Roles of Genetic Variants that Underlie Human Complex Phenotypes Dr Can Yang  
14-Jul-2015 Integrating High-throughput Data to Dissect Gene Regulation Complexity Dr Yan Bin  
20-May-2015 Extracting Insights from Large-scale Genetic Data Dr Benjamin Neale  
30-Apr-2015 Population Genetic Insight to the Study of Human Height Dr Charleston Chiang  Web link About Dr Charleston Chiang
28-29-Apr-2015 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis for Genetic Studies of Human Diseases    
14-17-Apr-2015 Next-Generation Sequencing and Microarray data analysis workshop CGS & Partek  Web link Registration
8-Apr-2015 A Unifying and Scalable Framework for Large-scale Gene Dr Christophe Dessimoz  
24-Feb-2015 Characterization of Novel Noncoding RNAs by Integrating High-throughput Data with Secondary Structure Prediction Dr Zhi John LU  Pdf file About Dr Zhi John LU
19-Dec-2014 Mechanistic Perspective of Cancer Genesis and Progression in Era of Large Data Prof Ping Ao  Pdf file About Prof Ping Ao
 Pdf file Abstract - Prof Ping Ao
10-Nov-2014 Canada’s Path Forward for Rare Diseases: Discovery to Translation
Diagnostic Opportunities for Rare Diseases in the Era of Next-generation Sequencing
Dr Kym M Boycott
Dr Sarah L Sawyer
 Pdf file Abstract - Dr Kym M Boycott
 Pdf file Abstract - Dr Sarah L Sawyer
4-Nov-2014 DNA Methylation Profiles in Alzheimer Disease Brains Prof Leonard C Schalkwyk  Web link About Prof Leonard C Schalkwyk
31-Oct-2014 Understanding the Genetic Basis of Psychiatric Disorders. Beyond Descriptive Syndromes to Shared Biological Pathways Dr Gerome Breen  Pdf file About Dr Gerome Breen
24-Sep-2014 A hidden Markov random field based Bayesian method for the detection of long-range chromosomal interactions in Hi-C Data Dr Yun Li  Pdf file About Dr Yun Li
28-30-Jul-2014 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Workshop
Application of NGS in Functional Genomics: Theory and Practice
Dr Zhenyu Xuan
Dr Alexander Nord
 Pdf file About Dr Zhenyu Xuan
 Pdf file About Dr Alexander Nord
28-Jul-2014 Part 1: RNA-seq Data Analysis
Part 2: ChIP-seq profiling of mouse tissues reveals dynamic enhancer landscapes and their role in development, evolution, and disease
Dr Zhenyu Xuan
Dr Alexander Nord
 Pdf file About Dr Zhenyu Xuan
 Pdf file About Dr Alexander Nord
21-Jul-2014 Novel Somatic and Germline Mutations in Intracranial Germ Cell Tumors Dr Ching LAU  Pdf file About Dr Ching Lau
14-Jul-2014 Elucidate Transcriptome Isoform Complexity Using Massive RNA-seq Data Dr Yi XING  Pdf file About the speaker
18-Jun-2014 Systems Medicine, proactive P4 Medicine, and a digital-age, longitudinal study of 100,000 well people for 20 years: Transforming Medicine and Healthcare Prof Lee Hood  Web link About the speaker
 Web link About the project
 Web link Lecture Photos
27-May-2014 Gene Isoform Identification of Human ESC Transcriptome by Second/Third Generation Sequencing Dr Au Kin-Fai  Pdf file About the speaker
24-Apr-2014 A Protein-Domain Approach for the Analysis of Disease Mutations Dr Maricel G Kann  Pdf file About the speaker
9-10-Jan-2014 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis for Genetic Studies of Rare Diseases   Zip file Workshop Materials
11-Dec-2013 Analyzing RNA-seq Experiments Using Machine Learning Tools Dr Fanny Yuk Yee Leung  
5-Dec-2013 Quantitative Modeling of Cell-specific miRNA Abundance Prof Michael Q Zhang  Web link About the speaker link 1
 Web link About the speaker link 2
19-Nov-2013 Digital Biology: Applications in Prenatal Diagnosis and Single Cell Genetic Analysis Dr Christina Fan  
18-Nov-2013 Clinical Application of Next-Generation Sequencing Dr Benjamin Michael Neale  Web link About the speaker
7-Oct-2013 Part 1: Genetic Association Studies of Complex Human Traits
Part 2: Finding New Lipid Genes – What is the Right Approach?
Prof Gonçalo Rocha Abecasis
Prof Cristen Willer
 Web link Prof Abecasis's CV
 Web link Prof Willer's CV
4-Sep-2013 Clinical Application of Next-Generation Sequencing  Prof Lee-Jun C Wong  Pdf file About the speaker
17-18-Jun-2013 KCL-HKU Strategic Partnership Workshop:
Translational Medicine – Genomic, Imaging and Behaviour approaches
  Pdf file Workshop Posters
Web link Photos
19-Apr-2013 Population Structure and Ancestry Estimation in Large-scale Human Genetic Data Dr Chaolong Wang  Pdf file About the speaker
14-Mar-2013 DNA Fingerprinting and the Turbulent Genome Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys, FRS  
13-Dec-2012 APG: an Active Protein-Gene Network Model to Quantify Regulatory Signals in Complex Biological Systems Prof Luonan Chen Pdf file About the speaker
1-Nov-2012 Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS) Past, Present and Perspective Prof Xuejun Zhang Pdf file Abstract
5-Sep-2012 HKU Centre for Genomic Sciences and HKU-BGI Bioinformatics Algorithms & Core Technology Research Laboratory Joint Workshop   Pdf file Workshop handbook
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31-Jul-2012 Genome Theory: From Stochastic Cancer Evolution to New Evolutionary Theory Dr Henry Heng  
15-Jun-2012 En route to 100 Human Epigenomes: Updates on NIH Road Map Project
DNA Methylation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Apply ChIA-PET to Study Chromatin Long-range Interaction
Prof Michael Qiwei Zhang
Mr Ding-ming Wu, PhD Student
Mr Chao He, PhD Student
5-Jun-2012 Emerging Biomedical Applications of RNAi Logic Circuit Prof Zhen Xie  
21-May-2012 How to Solve Genetic Disease on a Population Scale Dr. Barry Merriman  
3-4-May-2012 Recent Advances in Genomics with Applications in Medicine Inaugural HKU-McGill Symposium HKU & McGill Pdf file Programme and Speakers Information
Pdf file Symposium Poster
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