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Supported Publications

  1. Wang K, Yuen ST, Xu J, Lee SP, Yan HH, Shi ST, et al. Whole-genome sequencing and comprehensive molecular profiling identify new driver mutations in gastric cancer. Nature genetics. 2014;46(6):573-82.
  2. Woo PC, Lau SK, Tse H, Teng JL, Curreem SO, Tsang AK, et al. The complete genome and proteome of Laribacter hongkongensis reveal potential mechanisms for adaptations to different temperatures and habitats. PLoS genetics. 2009;5(3):e1000416.
  3. Wong CL, Huang YY, Ho WK, Poon HK, Cheung PL, O WS, et al. Growth-differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8) in the uterus: its identification and functional significance in the golden hamster. Reproductive biology and endocrinology : Reproductive biology and endocrinology. 2009;7:134.