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How should I run my jobs using the cluster?

The HPCF cluster uses the Torque Resource Manager software to distribute the computational workload across the processors of the cluster of nodes. Torque, like OpenPBS, is a batch job scheduling application that provides the facility for building, submitting and processing batch jobs on the system.

Users submit "jobs" from the master node to the resource management system where they are queued up until the requested system resources in the compute nodes are allocated before the "jobs" are started. Torque selects which jobs to run, what time to run, and which nodes to run, according to a predetermined site policy meant to balance competing user needs and to maximize efficient use of the cluster resources.

More questions?

Please feel free to contact HPCF Support team for any questions on using the facility. For registered users, please refer to the HPCF user guide in wiki for further information or feel free to use the Google Group for HPCF Users to share and discuss among all.



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