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HPCF Charges


HPCF Usage Charges

Effective 1-Jul-2017
For each 0.1TB disk space:  HK$ 39 / month
Per user account:  HK$ 150 / month

For details, please refer to the HPCF wiki page (accessible only within HKU network).


Setup and Support Fees for Equipment Co-location Services

For large projects needing tens of TB disk space, we would assist in setting up co-located servers and storages. High priority access to the co-located servers with dedicated storage pools would be available to those projects.

For such set-up, a one-time setup charge and a nominal annual support and maintenance charge would be incurred. The rate will depend on the setup scale and is to be quoted case by case. 
If interested, please contact us for more information.

Important Notes

CGS may revise the charges from time to time based on actual usages and recovery needs.
Prior notice will be given before changes are implemented.


  Mr Kelvin Wong
  Mr Kevin Tsang
  Ms Eunice Cheung
  Mr Juilian Yeung

  Telephone: 2831 5436 / 2831 5433 /
2831 5438 / 2831 5147
  Email: itsupport.cgs@hku.hk