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Illumina iScan SystemiScan BeadArray Technology Overview

Illumina iScan System utilizes BeadArray technology for a broad range of DNA and RNA analysis applications including genotyping, gene expression and methylation studies. The 3-micron silica beads are assembled in microwells on slide with high density, enabling multi-sample per slide. Each bead is covered with hundreds of thousands of copies of a specific oligonucleotide that act as the capture sequences in one of Illumina’s assays. Different combinations of probe design enable a wide range of applications on a whole-genome scale, including gene- and exon-level expression analysis, novel transcript discovery, genotyping, and resequencing.

The iScan platform can perform the following analysis:

  • Whole genome SNP genotyping
  • Whole genome methylation analysis
  • Whole genome copy number variation (CNV) analysis
  • Custom SNP genotyping
  • Gene Expression profiling

A typical iScan BeadChip experiment (Infinium) includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of DNA isolated from specimens
  • Hybridization of sample to BeadChips
  • Stringent washes, single base extension, staining and imaging of BeadChips
  • Analysis of scanned images and data extraction

For details of iScan BeadArrayTechnology and products, please visit Illumina iScan website.