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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charge and Ordering

CGS provides the following services:

  • Illumina Infinium Genotyping assay
  • Illumina Infinium Methylation assay

Service charge will depend on  sample size and analysis type.  Please enquire.

Service charge usually includes:

Pre-service advice and discussions
Sample processing, hybridization and scanning (consumables and labour)
Data QC and delivery


Service Ordering:

Please fill in corresponding Service Request Form after initial discussion with us.

iScan Infinium Assay Service Request Form



  Ms Rachel Li
  Ms Levina Lam
  Mr Carlos Choi
  Ms Tiky Leung
  Ms Rebecca Ho

  Telephone: 2831 5467 / 2831 5477
  Email: iscan.cgs@hku.hk