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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charges

The Sequenom somatic mutation profiling service is charged on a per package basis. 
The price covers all reagents and consumables for OncoCarta panel processing.

Effective 1-May-2012
Service HKU Academic Research Other Academic Research
OncoCarta Panel v1.0
(2-chip package)
HK$ 50,000* (consolidated shipment)

HK$ 58,000   (individual shipment)
Please enquire
OncoCarta Panel v1.0
(10-chip package)
Please enquire Please enquire

*Consolidated shipment offers cost-saving in overseas dry ice shipping and insurance by merging the package with our regular Sequenom orders. 
Waiting time would be up to 3 months depending on CGS ordering schedule.  Please contact us in advance for arrangement.

Commercial clients welcome, please enquire.

For academic institutes or commercial clients outside of Hong Kong, an extra HK$300 (per payment transaction) handling fee is required if the payment is made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer.

*IMPORTANT:* To qualify for HKU pricing, the investigator must be a regular employee of HKU AND payment must be made from an internal HKU financial account that qualifies for internal transfer; otherwise non-HKU price will be charged to cover the 15% finance charges levied by the HKU Finance Office for incoming external funding.

Service Ordering

Please fill-in the Service Request Form SEQUENOM MassARRAY Service Request Form during job submission.