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Technology Overview


The Centre for Genomic Sciences has equipped with two automated nucleic acids extraction systems to offer consistent sample processing with minimized potenital variations introduced by manual labour. They allow DNA and/or RNA extraction from various sample types.

Nucleic acids are isolated from lysates in one step through binding to the silica surface of magnetic particles in the presence of a chaotropic salt. The particles are then separated from the lysates with magnetic force. After washing, pure DNA or RNA is eluted.

Purified nucleic acids are ready for use in downstream applications e.g. MassArray genotyping, Sanger DNA sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing.

EZ1 Advanced XL

It is a mid-throughput nucleic acids extraction system.

Nine different DNA extraction protocols optimized for various sample types are currently available at the Centre for Genomic Sciences:

EZ1 Advanced XL

Combinations of EZ1 Advanced Cards and EZ1 Kits:

Protocol Card Reagent Kit Sample Type
DNA Blood DNA Blood Kit Blood and blood-derived samples
DNA Buffy Coat DNA Blood Kit Buffy coat
DNA Investigator DNA Investigator Kit Forensic and human identity samples
DNA Tissue DNA Tissue Kit Tissues
DNA Bacteria DNA Tissue Kit Human samples, swabs, biopsies, bacterial cultures
DNA Dried Blood DNA Tissue Kit Dried blood
DNA Paraffin Section DNA Tissue Kit Paraffin-embedded tissues
DNA Buccal Swab DNA Tissue Kit Buccal swabs
Virus Card v 2.0 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 Viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma, CSF, urine, and respiratory samples



It is a high-throughput nucleic acids extraction system.
Dedicated kits and customized protocols for different sample types are available on request.

Kit Sample Type
QIAsymphony DSP DNA Kit Blood and blood-derived samples, tissue, cell cultures
QIAsymphony DNA Investigator Kit Forensic and human identity samples
QIAsymphony DSP Virus/Pathogen Kit Plasma, serum, CSF
QIAsymphony DSP Circulating Kit Plasma, urine
QIAsymphony DSP AXpH DNA Kit Liquid-based cytology samples
QIAsymphony RNA Kit Tissue, cell culture
QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA Kit Human whole blood in PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes
QIAsymphony mericon Bacteria Kit Enriched culture
QIAsymphony Certal Kits Bioprocess purification buffer, cell culture supernatant samples, vaccine preparations

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