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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charges

Effective 1-Jul-2017

Service Sample Type Sample Input Full Service2
HKU Academic Research Other Academic Research
EZ1 DNA Extraction1 Buffy Coat 150 µl HK$ 110 HK$ 130
Whole Blood 350 µl
Tissue Lysate 200 µl HK$ 125 HK$ 150
Buccal Swab Lysate 200 ul
QIAsymphony DNA Extraction1 Buffy Coat  200 µl HK$ 90 HK$ 105
400 µl HK$ 100 HK$ 120
Whole Blood  200 µl HK$ 90 HK$ 105
400 ul HK$ 100 HK$ 120
1000 µl HK$ 125 HK$ 150
Tissue Lysate  200 µl HK$ 90 HK$ 105
Buccal Swab Lysate 200 µl
Serum / Plasma / CSF3,4 500 µl / 1000 µl HK$ 100 HK$ 120
Plasma / Urine5 2000 µl / 4000 µl HK$ 230 HK$ 270

Extraction service for other sample types available upon request, please contact platform specialists.

Per sample cost for multiples of typically 48 samples and 96 samples for EZ1 and QIAsymphony respectively. Some extraction kits are of smaller package size. Please contact us for details.

2 Full service for all DNA extraction (except ccfDNA extraction) = DNA extraction (extraction kit provided) + quantity assessment by NanoDrop + quality assessment by agarose gel electrophoresis.

3 Carrier RNA is added during extraction. Please check its compatibility of downstream processing.
4 ccfDNA extracted by QIAsymphony DSP Virus/Pathogen Kit
5 ccfDNA extracted by QIAsymphony SP Circulating DNA Kit

* 2 batches of processing are included for each 48 samples and 96 samples of EZ1 and QIAsymphony extraction respectively.  An extra HK$300 handling fee is required for each additional submission.

* If courier delivery of designated sample tube to user is needed, HK$ 35 (HKU) or HK$ 42 (other academic research) will be charged per shipment.

With advance submission of sample IDs, sample tube labels will also be provided.

EZ1 Brother label picture

EZ1 sample tube label
  QIAsymphony Brother label picture

QIAsymphony sample tube label

Due to safety concerns and variations in sample type, pre-treatment (i.e. manual lysis) for samples is generally not included in above services.
Please discuss with us if you have special needs.

Commercial clients welcome, please enquire.

For academic institutes or commercial clients outside of Hong Kong, an extra HK$300 (per payment transaction) handling fee is required if the payment is made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer.

*IMPORTANT:* To qualify for HKU pricing, the investigator must be a regular employee of HKU AND payment must be made from an internal HKU financial account that qualifies for internal transfer; otherwise non-HKU price will be charged to cover the 15% finance charges levied by the HKU Finance Office for incoming external funding.


Service Ordering

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