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Project Planning

Data analysis is crucial for any NGS project and we recommend advance planning.  For researchers needing bioinformatics support from us, we strongly encourage your discussing of your projects with us at an early stage of project planning so as to evaluate feasibility and set proper expectations.

What to expect

Our FREE consultation will help you decide on the choices of sequencing technology (see table below), length of read, throughput required (amount of coverage) and analysis methodologies etc.  All of these will play an important role in answering your specific scientific questions.

Below table lists some of the typical projects with suitable technologies, but we may discuss any other.

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Application Illumina Sequencing Technologies, sequencing by synthesis Single molecule, real-time sequencing technology (SMRT) Possible Questions Being Asked
HiSeq MiSeq PacBio

Exome sequencing

+++ + -

Are there novel mutations in the exonic sequences?


+++ ++ +

What genes are differentially expressed in my samples?

Are there different splicing patterns between my samples?


+++ ++ -

What sequences do my protein binds to?

de novo whole genome sequencing

+++ +++ +++

How does the genome of this organism look like?


+++ +++ +

What are the sequence differences between my isolate of bacteria/virus/plasmid compare to the common strains?


+++ ++ +

What micro-organisms are present in my environmental sample?

What are the different virus strains in my culture?

MicroRNA profiling

+++ ++ -

What microRNAs are expressed, or differentially expressed in my samples?

Methylation analysis

+++ ++ +

Which sites are methylated in the genome?

Is the methylation pattern different between my samples?