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2012 Research Publications


  1. Cheung BM, Li C.  2012.  Diabetes and hypertension: is there a common metabolic pathway?  Current atherosclerosis reports 14(2): 160-166.

  2. Cheung CL, Cheung TT, Lam KS, Cheung BM.  2012.  High ferritin and low transferrin saturation are associated with pre-diabetes among a national representative sample of U.S. adults.  Clinical nutrition.

  3. Cheung CL, Lau KS, Ho AY, Lee KK, Tiu SC, Lau EY, Leung J, Tsang MW, Chan KW, Yeung CY et al.  2012.  Genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for thyrotoxic periodic paralysis at 17q24.3.  Nature genetics 44(9): 1026-1029.

  4. Fan YH, Song YQ, Chan D, Takahashi Y, Ikegawa S, Matsumoto M, Kou I, Cheah KS, Sham P, Cheung KM et al.  2012.  SNP rs11190870 near LBX1 is associated with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in southern Chinese.  Journal of human genetics 57(4): 244-246.

  5. Fan YH, Song YQ.  2012.  IPGWAS: an integrated pipeline for rational quality control and association analysis of genome-wide genetic studies.  Biochemical and biophysical research communications 422(3): 363-368.

  6. Guo Y, Tomlinson B, Chu T, Fang YJ, Gui H, Tang CS, Yip BH, Cherny SS, Hur YM, Sham PC et al.  2012.  A genome-wide linkage and association scan reveals novel loci for hypertension and blood pressure traits.  PloS one 7(2): e31489.

  7. Ho AC, Liu AP, Lun KS, Tang WF, Chan KY, Lau EY, Tang MH, Tan TY, Chung BH.  2012.  A newborn with a 790 kb chromosome 17p13.3 microduplication presenting with aortic stenosis, microcephaly and dysmorphic facial features - is cardiac assessment necessary for all patients with 17p13.3 microduplication?  European journal of medical genetics 55(12): 758-762.

  8. Li MX, Gui HS, Kwan JS, Bao SY, Sham PC.  2012.  A comprehensive framework for prioritizing variants in exome sequencing studies of Mendelian diseases.  Nucleic acids research 40(7): e53.

  9. Li MX, Kwan JS, Sham PC.  2012.  HYST: a hybrid set-based test for genome-wide association studies, with application to protein-protein interaction-based association analysis.  American journal of human genetics 91(3): 478-488.

  10. Mao H, Yang W, Lee PP, Ho MH, Yang J, Zeng S, Chong CY, Lee TL, Tu W, Lau YL.  2012.  Exome sequencing identifies novel compound heterozygous mutations of IL-10 receptor 1 in neonatal-onset Crohn's disease.  Genes and immunity 13(5): 437-442.

  11. Tang CS, Cheng G, So MT, Yip BH, Miao XP, Wong EH, Ngan ES, Lui VC, Song YQ, Chan D et al.  2012.  Genome-wide copy number analysis uncovers a new HSCR gene: NRG3.  PLoS genetics 8(5): e1002687.

  12. Tang CS, Cheng G, So MT, Yip BH, Miao XP, Wong EH, Ngan ES, Lui VC, Song YQ, Chan D, Cherny SS, Sham PC, Tam PK, Garcia-Barcelo MM et al.  2012.  Genome-wide copy number analysis uncovers a new HSCR gene: NRG3.  PLoS genetics 8(5): e1002687.

  13. Woo PC, Lam CW, Tam EW, Leung CK, Wong SS, Lau SK, Yuen KY.  2012.  First discovery of two polyketide synthase genes for mitorubrinic acid and mitorubrinol yellow pigment biosynthesis and implications in virulence of Penicillium marneffei.  PLoS neglected tropical diseases 6(10): e1871.

  14. Woo YC, Tso AW, Xu A, Law LS, Fong CH, Lam TH, Lo SV, Wat NM, Cheung BM, Lam KS.  2012.  Combined use of serum adiponectin and tumor necrosis factor-alpha receptor 2 levels was comparable to 2-hour post-load glucose in diabetes prediction.  PloS one 7(5): e36868.

  15. Xiao SM, Gao Y, Cheung CL, Bow CH, Lau KS, Sham PC, Tan KC, Kung AW.  2012.  Association of CDX1 binding site of periostin gene with bone mineral density and vertebral fracture risk.   Osteoporosis international 23(7): 1877-1887.

  16. Xu F, Wang W, Wang P, Jun Li M, Chung Sham P, Wang J.  2012.  A fast and accurate SNP detection algorithm for next-generation sequencing data.  Nature communications 3: 1258.

  17. Zhou J, To KK, Dong H, Cheng ZS, Lau CC, Poon VK, Fan YH, Song YQ, Tse H, Chan KH et al.  2012.  A functional variation in CD55 increases the severity of 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza A virus infection.  The Journal of infectious diseases 206(4): 495-503.

  18. Zhou L, Chan KH, Chu LW, Kwan JS, Song YQ, Chen LH, Ho PW, Cheng OY, Ho JW, Lam KS.  2012.  Plasma amyloid-beta oligomers level is a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis.  Biochemical and biophysical research communications 423(4): 697-702.

  19. Zhou M, Xu A, Tam PK, Lam KS, Huang B, Liang Y, Lee IK, Wu D, Wang Y.  2012.  Upregulation of UCP2 by adiponectin: the involvement of mitochondrial superoxide and hnRNP K.  PloS one 7(2): e32349.