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Scientific Staff

Dr. You-Qiang Song

BSc (China), PhD (UK)

Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences

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Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Song's Curriculum Vitae


Room L3-75, School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Sassoon Road
Hong Kong SAR

E-mail:    songy @ hku.hk
Telephone:    3917 9245



The main research at my laboratory is aimed at understanding the molecular basis of human complex diseases through studying human and mice. These complex diseases are caused by the interaction between genes and environmental factors. We are mapping the disease gene's location in the genome and identifying novel genes through genomics screens and next-generation sequencing technologies. By pinpointing the responsible genes, we expect to acquire a better knowledge about the etiology of these so far poorly understood diseases. I am more interested in the following traits:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease) and aging
  • Spine related disorders (Degenerative disc disease and scoliosis)

We are also using systems genetics to study complex traits and the underline relationships between genes and pathways. We have detected several important regulators in the important genetic pathways linking Alzheimer’s disease and cancers or Alzheimer’s disease and Type II Diabetics.