2011 Research Publications


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  2. Lok S.  Methods for nucleic acid mapping and identification of structural-variations in nucleic acids and utilities.  US Patent 7,932,029 (Issued 26-Apr-2011).

  3. Ye L, Shao M-F, Tong AHY, Zhang T, Lok S (2011).  Analysis of the bacterial community in a laboratory-scale nitrification reactor and a wastewater treatment plant by high-throughput 454-pyrosequencing.  Water Research 45: 4390-4398.

  4. Ho P-L, Lo WU, Yeung MK, Lin CH, Chow, KH, Ang I, Tong AHY, Bao JYJ, Lok S, Lo JYC (2011).  Complete sequencing of pNDM-HK encoding NDM-1 carbapenemase from a multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli strain isolated in Hong Kong.  PLoS One: e17989.

  5. Ho P-L, Lo WU, Wong RC, Yeung F, Chow K-H, Que T-L, Tong AHY, Bao YJ, Lok S, Wong SS (2011).  Complete sequencing of the FII plasmid pHK01 encoding CTX-M-14 and molecular analysis of its variants among Escherichia coli from Hong Kong.  J Antimicrob Chemother 66: 752-756.

  6. Zhang T, Lin Y, Tong AHY, Shao MF, Lok S (2011).  Ammonia-oxidizing archaea and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in six full-scale wastewater treatment bioreactors.  Appl. Microbiol Biotechnol (in press).