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Technology Seminar (18 Mar 2009)



Technology Seminar

on Wednesday, 18 March 2009, at 2:30 p.m.

Room L6-32, 6/F, Laboratory Block
Genome Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine Building
21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Part 1:   Innovation on "Flow Cytometry" Made Easier and Faster Methods for Cell Analysis
Speaker:   Dr. Yi Wang
Training Manager and Field Application Scientist, Millipore Corp., China
Abstract:   Guava bench-top flow cytometry systems are compact, user-friendly, and powerful enough to run most complicated cell analyses. At the heart of every Guava system is a unique, microcapillary flow cell that eliminates the need for shealth fluid. The flow cell is self-aligning, user-replaceable, and can be removed by user for cleaning and maintenance. The Guava Cytosoft advanced assay suite, which includes the Cytosoft Software platform, the Guava Express Pro Software Module, and up to 12 assay-specific software modules, is available for acquiring and analyzing data.
Together, Guava technology and Millipore has streamlined and simplified cell and bead-based assays by integrating instruments and software with optimized reagents and kits.
Part 2:   Multiplexing Solutions in Millipore
Speaker :   Dr. Fang Zhang
Asia Technical Support Team Manager, Millipore Corp., China
Abstract:   Luminex xMAP technology, based on color-coded microspheres, allows the capture and detection of multiple, specific analytes from a sample for a wide variety of applications in protein expression profiling and focused gene expression profiling. Within the Luminex compact analyzer*, lasers excite the internal dyes that identify each microsphere particle, and also any reporter dye captured during the assay. In this way, xMAP technology allows multiplexing of up to 100 unique assays within a single sample rapidly and precisely. Luminex technology is able to bring reduced cost and labor by multiplexing, shortened time-to-results by favorable reaction kinetics of liquid bead array approach with smaller sample requirements. Millipore, a leading Luminex assay kits provider, offers more than 150 different multi-species targets for cytokine, cell signaling, isotyping and metabolic disease multiplexing. We also provide specialty panels for cancer, skin, sepsis and bone metabolism that have been uniquely validated. The broadest selection of analytes across a wider range of disease tates also offers the flexibility to select a pre-mixed kit or design a custom kit by choosing only those analytes of interest.

* The GRC hosted the Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 200 system, which is equivalent to the Luminex compact analyzer, and is compatible with the reagent kits sold by Millipore. The Bio-Plex system is available at the GRC as core service.


Co-organized with Millipore China Ltd.
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