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Technology Seminar (29 May 2009)



Technology Seminar

EpiTect - Setting Standards in Epigenetics

Novel Technologies Offering a Complete Workflow for Reliable

Detection and Accurate Quantification of DNA Methylation


Dr. Gerald Schock

Senior Global Product Manager Epigenetics

29 May 2009 (Fri)

11:00am - 12:00noon

Room L6-32, 6/F, Laboratory Block

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Building

21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



Epigenetics, one of the fastest growing areas in molecular biology, encompasses study of DNA methylation and chromatin remodelling. Transcriptional silencing associated with DNA methylation is required for fundamental processes e.g. embryonic development, intragenomic parasites protection, female X-inactivation, genomic imprinting, and cognitive functions. Moreover, aberrant promoter methylation in tumor suppressor genes has emerged as a major cause leading to cancer.

Both location and frequency of DNA methylation appear significant, which presents a challenge as researchers often focus on subtle changes in methylation patterns. Standardized tools are necessary for reliable results and accurate analysis.

This presentation will review latest DNA methylation analysis and highlight critical procedures including complete conversion of unmethylated cytosine and avoidance of DNA degradation.

We will also describe methods to analyze bisulfite-converted DNA e.g. TaqMan® probe-based real-time PCR (MethyLight PCR/ assays), HRM (High-Resolution-Melting), and quantitative sequencing. Finally, applications of these methods at different stages of research will be discussed.



Co-organized with QIAGEN Hong Kong Pte. Ltd.
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