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Guest Joint Seminar Lecture (18 Jan 2010)



Genome Research Centre
Medical Ethics Unit, LKS Faculty of Medicine

Guest Joint Seminar Lecture

Gender, Genome and Biological clocks as 24h societal life vulnerability. A place into ethics and transfer of knowledge into future medical practice.


Dr Bendayan James

Theraclock Medical Systems Biology
Affiliated to Paris Descartes University, Faculty of Medicine

18 January 2010 (Mon)

5:15 – 6:15pm

LG-S2 (Seminar Room 2), Ground Floor

Laboratory Block

21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



The circadian timekeeping system is composed of molecular clocks, which drive 24-h changes in physiology, hormones and biochemistry, in cell cycle events, DNA repair, apoptosis, angiogenesis, in xenobiotic metabolism and detoxification. At the clinical and genomic levels, there is a growing evidence that gender signatures in circadian physiology and clock genes expression affect outcome on various pathologies such as cancer, mental and neurological affections, obesity and metabolic syndrome and many others conditions. The pharmacology and the treatment of these affections follow these expressions and the human host-tumor complex represents an innovative and paradox model for clinical and translational therapeutic perspective for targeted, timed and mapped individualized therapies. Mathematical and systems biology approaches currently develop and integrate theoretical, experimental, and technological tools in order to further optimize and personalize the circadian administration therapies in several diseases including cancer. We opened already a new thinking on various genomes and we coined as Timesome the male/female interactome of human biological time keeping that could lead to an individual “ID-clock”. It opens a new avenue for a “genomic chronorisk” in clinical epidemiology, prevention and ultimately in therapy and timed-targeted drug discovery. Should we treat differently male and females at different times of the day?


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