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Technical Seminar (05 Feb 2010)



Technology Seminar

Applications of GeneChip Technologies
in Medical Genomics


Dr. Zuwei Qian

Associate Director
Scientific Affairs & Collaborations
Affymetrix Asia Pacific

5 February 2010 (Fri)

10:00 – 11:00am

Room L6-32, 6/F, Laboratory Block

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Building

21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



In the last 30 years, genomics researchers have uncovered an underlying genetic component of many complex diseases. The potential now exists for molecular biomarkers to associate disease or response to therapies with genetic variants, which would allow clinicians to make the most appropriate personalized treatment decisions.

As a pioneer in tools for genetic analysis, Affymetrix is committed to enabling medical genomics research and facilitating breakthroughs that will revolutionize human healthcare. With our broad spectrum of applications, globally adopted technologies, extensive scientific validation, and proven path to commercialization, Affymetrix is your partner of choice in translating your genomic discoveries into clinical tools.

In this presentation I will highlight several cancer clinical applications using GeneChip technology. I will then focus most of my talk on recent cytogenetics solution, copy number analysis for FFPE samples and the most advanced Genotyping platform called Axiom – the platform of choice for the next wave of GWAS.



Kind Reminder: Please take off your lab coat before coming to the seminar.

Co-organized with Gene Company Ltd
Refreshment to be served
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