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Technology Seminar (16 Feb 2011)



Technology Seminar

The Open Array System: Opening the Door to New Applications in Real-time PCR


Dr Kris Ridley

Senior Technical Sales Specialist – OpenArray

16 February 2011 (Wed)

3:00 – 4:00pm

Room L6-32, 6/F, Laboratory Block

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Building

21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



The OpenArray System is designed as a multiple application platform for mid-density real-time PCR applications.  Primarily designed as a high throughput SNP genotyping and gene expression platform to validate data from next generation sequencing or microarrays, it allows you to perform thousands of real-time PCR reactions on a nanolitre scale giving reliable, accurate and cost effective data in a fraction of the time compared to conventional real-time systems or capillary sequencing.  Furthermore, the high capacity and scaled-down volumes of this system enables many new and exciting applications such as global miRNA expression profiling, the ability to analyse expression of multiple genes from multiple single cells and broad spectrum pathogen detection from large numbers of samples.  Finally, the commercial realisation of Digital PCR is now possible using OpenArray, opening up the possibility of doing absolute quantitation (highly accurately counting the number of copies of a target sequence), low-fold copy number discrimination and rare allele detection.



Kind Reminder: Please take off your lab coat before coming to the seminar.

Co-organized with Applied Biosystems HK Ltd
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