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Technology Seminar (22 Nov 2011)



Technology Seminar

Semiconductor Sequencing from Microbial to Human Genomes


Dr. Michael Rhodes

Senior Product & Applications Manager

22 November 2011 (Tue)

3:00 – 4:00pm

Seminar Room 7, Lower Ground Floor , Laboratory Block

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Building

21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



Ion Torrent has invented the first semiconductor sequencing device which is capable of directly translating chemical signals into digital information that does not use light, and as a result delivers unprecedented speed, scalability and low cost.
A year ago, Ion Torrent presented data on the first bacterial genome sequenced on an Ion semiconductor chip. This year, we will present the first human genome sequenced on an Ion semiconductor chip.
The identification of common and rare variants in candidate regions of the human genome is essential to better understanding the etiology of complex human diseases. Two approaches to enrichment on the ion torrent will be discussed and data presented on TargetSeq (hybridization based enrichment) and AmpliSeq (PCR based enrichment) including details of the ampliseq cancer research panel. Our data will demonstrate that Ion semiconductor sequencing provides exceptional accuracy, long read length and massive scalability on a single, affordable bench-top sequencing platform.



Kind Reminder: Please take off your lab coat before coming to the seminar.

Co-organized with Applied Biosystems HK Ltd

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