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Technology Seminar (21 Sep 2012)



Technology Seminar

Multiplex Digital Nucleic Acid Quantitation Using Molecular Barcodes


Mr. Paul Rasmussen

Regional Manager and Field Applications Scientist

21 September 2012 (Friday)

2:00 – 3:00pm

Room 7-03, 7/F,

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research

5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong



The NanoString nCounter system is a novel platform for direct digital quantification of nucleic acids, including difficult samples such as cell, tissue, and blood lysates, as well as RNA and DNA from FFPE tissues. The multiplexing capacity of 10s to as many as 800 different genes / targets in a single reaction facilitates screening of complex signatures, pathways, or gene classes with incredible simplicity and precision. The technology works by directly capturing, imaging, and counting fluorescent barcodes tagged to individual nucleic acid molecules. This is done without amplification or reverse transcription (partially explaining the success of the platform with lysates and degraded samples). The result is an assay capable of sensitive and precise quantification of mRNA, miRNA, or DNA (for CNV or ChIP screening), as well as the characterization of gene fusions, splice variants, and even microbial populations. An introduction to the assay chemistry and performance will be provided, followed by specific examples of the application of the technology.



Kind Reminder: Please take off your lab coat before coming to the seminar.

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