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Technology Seminar (16 Jun 2015)



Technology Seminar

True Bioprinting in 3D for
the Present and the Future


Mr Malcolm Geoffrey Willson
UK General Manager, Digilab, Europe

16 June 2015 (Tue)
11 am – 12 noon

Seminar Room 1A, G/F
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research
5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


The CellJet Cell Printer incorporates Digilab’s proprietary liquid dispensing technology, offering both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact cell printing while maintaining the viability of even the most delicate cells coupled with avoiding aspirating and dispensing through a valve gives >95% viability for dispensed cells. This extremely flexible robotic liquid handling technology is totally automated so is accurate and reproducible and offers users full control over critical dispense parameters such as height of dispense and dispensing speed, with the capability of dispensing viscous or non-viscous solutions makes it ideal for applications including 2D and 3D printing. Multiple channels with options on syringe volumes controlled as a group or individually, allows total flexibility coupled with the ability to dispense low volumes from 20nl up to microliters in any pattern and the modular design allows upgrading for future projects.

About the Speaker:

Malcolm worked for GSK for 25 years in the high content screening group where he was involved with developing and automating screening assays. In 2001 he joined Millennium a similar role. In 2003 he joined Genomic Solutions as an applications specialist for the low volume liquid handling product range where he helped develop low volume new applications. Genomic Solutions was bought by Digilab in 2008. Digilab also acquired Mia Scientific, a company focused on developing microscopic readers for high content analysis and label-free live cell analyses. The synergy between Genomic Solutions and Mia Scientific resulted in enabled Malcolm to play a leading role in the development cell based applications and the commercialization of the Digilab CellJet, a 3D-bioprinter for living cells.



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