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Technology Seminar (7 Sep 2015)



Technology Seminar

New Developments in Target Enrichment
from Roche NimbleGen

The medical exome, cDNA, Bisulfite converted DNA
and a novel method for amplicon based enrichment
with single molecule barcoding


Mr Edd Lee
Roche NimbleGen

7 September 2015 (Mon)
3 – 4pm

Seminar Room 1B, G/F
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research
5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Please join us for an update on Target enrichment products from Roche NimbleGen. 1. Roche's new medical exome is a comprehensive exome focused on high uniformity of coverage with a low sequencing requirement. The med-exome is particularly focused on delivering superior coverage of medically relevant genes. 2. SeqCap RNA is a new method of enrichment of cDNA suitable for expression profiling of small to large gene panels via NGS and discovery of low abundance transcripts such as lncRNA's. 3. SeqCap Epi is a robust method for the enrichment of bisulfite treated DNA 4.HEAT-Seq is a new amplicon based product line for targeted NGS which incorporates unique molecule identifiers (UIDs) to facilitate tagging of PCR duplicates and the accurate assessment of molecular complexity free of amplification bias.


Our speaker, Edd Lee, is from Roche NimbleGen's global marketing group in Madison Wisconsin. He has been with Roche for 8 years in marketing, sales and business development roles. Prior to Roche he was at GE Healthcare and at Diversa Corporation working on the molecular evolution of enzymes.



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