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Technology Seminar (30 May 2016)


Technology Seminar

30 May 2016 (Mon)
3 - 5 pm

Seminar Room 1A, G/F
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research
5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Dr Xingwang Fang
Senior Staff Scientist
Molecular Biology Business Unit, USA

Topic 1: A Complete Workflow For Circulating DNA Isolation And Analysis

Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) has been shown to have potential as a noninvasive substrate for the detection and monitoring of tumor cells. As circulating tumor DNA is often present at low frequencies within cfDNA, targeted sequencing is an optimal tool for mutation detection. We’ll discuss: 1) the impact of blood collection/preservation and isolation method on the cfDNA quality and detection sensitivity; 2) how to evaluate and choose cfDNA isolation method; 3) cfDNA analysis methods and assay design.

Topic 2: Combining Design Algorithms And LNA Modifications To Enhance siRNA Specificity Without Compromising Potency

RNA interference (RNAi) was discovered 20 years ago and still plays important role in understanding pathways, cancer development and infection. More than 50 RNA-based drugs are currently under clinical testing. System biology approach is often taken to answer complex questions, and specificity of siRNA is crucial for this approach. We’ll discuss various approaches to improve siRNA specificity, including design, chemical modification, and evaluation. We’ll also discuss tissue specific delivery of siRNA.


Dr Xingwang Fang obtained his PhD in Chemistry at Peking University in 1994 and served as an Associate Professor in Chemistry at Peking University from 1995-1998. He then became Research Assistant Professor in Biophysics at University of Chicago. Dr Fang joined Ambion in 2002 as the R&D Leader for high throughput/automation of nucleic acid isolation and amplification and siRNA synthesis, and initiated Animal Health in 2004. In 2006 after Applied Biosystems acquired Ambion, he led a Custom Development group to support OEM and key customer accounts. Dr Fang was expatriated in 2008 to Beijing as Sr Market Development Manager for Animal health and Food Safety in Asia Pacific, and repatriated to Austin in January 2013. He now leads the sample prep product development for clinical research applications.



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