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Online Omics Service Request via iLab CPOS  
23-Jan-2019 Sample logistics and workflow for genomic experiments at CGS Genomics Services  
29-Nov-2018 Tools for methylation study at CGS Genomics Services  
24-Oct-2018 PacBio Sequencing at CGS Genomics Services  
27-Sep-2018 Nucleic acid extraction at CGS Genomics Services  
23-Aug-2018 Single-cell RNA sequencing by 10X Genomics technology at CGS Genomics Services  
26-Jul-2018 Next-generation Sequencing at CGS Genomics Services  
28-Jun-2018 Genotyping Technologies and Applications Available at CGS Genomics Services  
27-Mar-2018 Introduction to High Performance Computing Facility High-Performance Computing Facility Pdf file Introduction to HPCF
28-Feb-2018 CGS-HPCF Information Session High-Performance Computing Facility Pdf file New HPC Information Session
29-Nov-2017 3rd Generation Sequencing Sharing Session - Long-Read Sequencing by PacBio SMRT Technology Full-Service Ready at CGS 3rd Generation Sequencing Pdf file Bioinformatics Support for PacBio Data at CGS
Pdf file PacBio Services at CGS
Pdf file SMRT Sequencing Enter a New Realm of Genome, Epigenome and Transcriptome Analyses
28-Nov-2016 6th NGS Sharing - MiSeq Desktop Sequencer Next Generation Sequencing  
25-Nov-2015 5th NGS Sharing - Single-Molecule Sequencing in Real Time (SMRT) technology Next Generation Sequencing  
7-May-2013 HPCF Briefing Session High-Performance Computing Facility  
12-Apr-2013 4th NGS Sharing - A Success Story in Splicing Analysis Next Generation Sequencing  
18-Oct-2012 3rd NGS Sharing - illumina MiSeq vs IonPGM Next Generation Sequencing  
28-Jun-2012 2nd NGS Sharing Next Generation Sequencing  
30-Mar-2012 NGS Sharing Session Next Generation Sequencing  
20-Nov-2010 2nd MS User Group Meeting Mass Spectrometry  
15-Oct-2010 1st MS User Group Meeting Mass Spectrometry  
9-Sep-2010 GRC Sequenom User Group Meeting MassArray Genotyping