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Technical Details


Single cell encapsulation

The system is able to capture 500 to 10,000 cells per sample per run from a single cell suspension.
Users are required to submit a cell suspension of 500 - 1000 cells per μl, of size 30 μm or smaller and of good viability.
Cells will be encapsulated into Gel Beads in Emulsions (GEM) by the 10X Chromium Controller, followed by reverse transcription and library preparation to become a pool of cDNA libraries.
Transcripts from the same cell will be identified by a barcode, while each of these transcripts will be discernable from one another by a Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI).

10X chromium
Source: 10X Genomics

Library Preparation

The service will include library preparation after single cell encapsulation.

Sequencing Run

Libraries generated are compatible with Illumina sequencers. In order to read the transcript sequences on one end, and the barcode and UMI on the other end, paired-end sequencing reads are required.
Vender's specification recommends getting at least 100,000 paired-end raw reads per cell for gene expression studies*.

* Reads per cell required is very cell-type dependent, it is recommended to obtain more reads per cells at the optimization stage.