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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charges

CGS offers library preparation, HiSeq and MiSeq sequencing (read length up to 2x300 bp) and Bioinformatics services.  Please contact Dr Hin Kwok ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / 2831-5483) or platform specialists for project discussion and official service quotation.

Price vary with the following factors:

  • Throughput or fold coverage required (sequencing reads or bases output)
  • Read type and length (Single Read or Paired-end Read, 50 bp to 300 bp)
  • Type of work (DNA shotgun sequencing, RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, metagenomics etc.)
  • Number of samples
  • GC content of samples
  • Method for library preparation
  • Bioinformatics analysis needs
  • Affiliated institute (HKU, local academics, oversea academics and commercial company)


Service Ordering

Please refer to Sample Preparation and Submission page for sample requirements. 


  Mr Jonathan Chan
  Ms Tiky Leung
  Mr Chengwei Wu
  Ms Levina Lam
  Mr Wilson Chan
  Mr Allen Chu
  Mr Carlos Choi

  Telephone: 2831 5477 / 2831 5467
  Email: nextgenseq.cgs@hku.hk