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Joint Research Seminar (18 Nov 2013)



Joint Research Seminar

Genomics Strategic Research Theme
Centre for Genomic Sciences
The State Key Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Department of Psychiatry

Progress in Psychiatric Genetics

Dr Benjamin Michael Neale

Instructor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant in Genetics, Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit,
Massachusetts General Hospital

18 November 2013 (Mon)

4:30 – 5:30pm

Lecture Theatre 4

Faculty of Medicine Building, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, HK


Over the past few years, dramatic strides have been made in the analysis of genetic data to reveal novel biological insights into the pathogenesis of psychiatric illness. This talk will cover a wide array of study designs from genome-wide association analysis to next generation sequencing and provide an overview of the current advances being made in the genetic analysis of psychiatric illness. In particular efforts in autism and schizophrenia will be highlighted. The talk will also provide a description of the PsychChip, a new genotyping platform custom-made for furthering the genome-wide association of psychiatric illness.
About the Speaker: 

Dr Neale’s research and training focuses heavily on the development and application of statistical methodology with a focus on methods specifically for genetic analysis. He has a strong track record of conducting analyses for genetic data with a heavy focus on psychiatric illness, particularly ADHD and Autism, but also Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders. Beyond psychiatric illness, he has overseen analyses of modeling the risk implied by lipid levels to myocardial infarction, extending the Mendelian Randomization framework. His commitment to learning and training is exemplified by editing a book entitled “Statistical Genetics: Gene-mapping through Linkage and Association,” that provides a practical hands-on guide for the analysis of current genetic datasets as well as providing a background in both the statistical and genetic elements necessary to conduct such analyses. He also co-direct, with Goncalo Abecasis, a bi-yearly workshop titled the "International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits.


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