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Joint Research Seminar (14 Jul 2015)



Joint Research Seminar

Genomics Strategic Research Theme
Centre for Genomic Sciences

Integrating High-throughput Data to
Dissect Gene Regulation Complexity


Dr Yan Bin

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology

14 July 2015 (Tue)
3:00 – 4:00pm

Seminar Room 2, G/F
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research

5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Human cell development, tumor or disease progression are driven by genetic alterations associated with a large set of gene programs. Altered expression of these genes is controlled by multi-factors under transcriptional, epigenetic and post-translational levels in a complex manner. Integrative analyses of high throughput data describing the associated biological processes can help for unraveling the underlying regulatory mechanisms. We developed systems biology-based approaches, RCA, CMGRN and PTHGRN to infer gene regulatory networks by integrating high throughput Omics data. Our methods are able to identify regulatory patterns for dissecting biological complex interactions between multilevel regulators and genes. The resulting discovery would provide an insight into understanding molecular basis of human cancer and cell development, and further facilitate translational medicine.

About the Speaker:

Dr Yan Bin is a Research Assistant Professor, LKS Faculty of Medicine and Department of Physiology, The University of Hong Kong. He received a PhD in Michigan State University, and worked as a Bioinformatics Scientist at National Institutes of Health, Maryland and as a Research Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. His research focuses on development of bioinformatics and systems biology approaches to define gene regulatory patterns associated with biological complex processes by integrative analysis of high-throughput data, and identify network-based molecular markers targeting human cancer and pluripotent stem cell derived cardiac development.


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