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Terms of Service


At the CGS, we strive to apply the most suitable analysis methods to your dataset and that every analysis step is carefully planned before the start of the project.  As CGS provides free consultations which include advice on suitable analysis methods and tools, we urge users to discuss with us in advance.  We will in good faith provide our advice based on our expertise, yet cannot be held fully liable for the most suitable analysis method.  Agreement should be reached between CGS analysis team and the project principle investigator with good mutual understanding to allow the sharing of responsibility.

Data Handling

All data is stored on networked storage drives with periodic back-ups but CGS will not be responsible to store the data indefinitely.  All data (raw data, analysis results and all intermediate files) housed by the CGS Bioinformatics Core may be subject to deletion 1 month after data delivery to users without prior notice.  Users are advised to keep a secure, clearly identified, permanent copy of the dataset.

Acknowledgement / Authorship

We appreciate your acknowledgement of the Centre for Genomic Sciences in your publications with data generated at our centre.  Authorship is deem suitable if significant intellectual input is provided.  Proper recognition documents the impact of our work and helps justify the continuation of subsidized services.  Thank you very much.